Gregers Brinch

Gregers Brinch

Gregers Brinch has a rich background in music as a composer, performer, teacher and workshop leader. 


Gregers has always maintained that the pursuit of music is a birthright of every individual. This has led him to work with a wide range of abilities. He has worked in adult education for over 20 years both at Emerson College, where he was head of music from 1996 to 2001, and in Hamburg at the Waldorf Teacher Training Seminar. His work with singing and percussion instruments as a means to penetrate the deeper secrets of music is particularly outstanding. Balancing the rigorous demands of pieces with the joy of working in the enlivening and regenerative elements of music is always foremost in his intentions.

He has also composed for a number of performance projects, starting in 1983, when he devised music for theatre productions at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. His compositions have also been recorded by Claudio Records and Parma Records and performed at a wide variety of venues, including at London’s Wigmore Hall, with international musicians.  

For Performing Arts International Gregers will be working with the singing voice and the musical listening skills of students, leading them to become proficient both in singing and in directing singing and percussion ensembles.  

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