About Performing Arts International

Performing Arts International aims to create a living, supportive and challenging environment where participants can develop creative independence and find in themselves both artistic and human resilience. To acquire that, all the faculty want to be working with clear, effective techniques and artistic principles in the three fields of acting, speaking and music, and exploring and researching how they can work together.

In the main - though not only -  these will come from the work of Russian actor Michael Chekhov on the one hand and on Rudolf and Marie Steiner’s approach on the other. Inherent in both is an understanding that when we work as artists we engage with an intangible yet objective world that is larger than ourselves. Both of these above-mentioned artists invite performers to develop their imagination as an independent creative force in itself and as a resource for the artist. And that will mean that all performers need to learn to be truly present in everything they do and to make conscious choices when they create artistically. All Performing Arts International tutors are familiar with these techniques both as teachers and as performers.      

It is good to remember that both Rudolf Steiner and Michael Chekhov have an entirely open definition of art: that it brings joy! It is our aim that this quality, too, will be a central element in the Performing Arts International training and courses.


Art inspired by anthroposophy is at the beginning of its evolution. It is the art of the future. As true as it was that
the artists of the past did not need to know what was at the root of a work of art, it is as true now that the artist
of the future has to know this, but with those inner forces that represent the eternal again, that represent
something of the entire content of the human soul.

Rudolf Steiner

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