workshops, trainings and performances

working with body, soul and spirit 

is beginning 

a new part-time training in the performing arts

 focussing on the arts of speech and drama


March 2018 – January 2019


Peredur Centre for the Arts, East Grinstead RH19 4NF UK


Sarah Kane


supporting performing arts faculty 

inspired by working with body, soul and spirit

The first year comprises five full-time weeks: they introduce the breadth and dimensions of the training, giving experiences and insights both in to speech and drama in general and also into the different fields, such as how to use one’s own voice and speech, one’s body and movement to give life to stories, poetry, drama - in fact to any text. They focus on how to discover and work consciously with our own voice and body and how to build understanding of the artistic and living nature of sounds, syllables, words, sentences, lines and verses.

The same weeks are also open to any participants who wish to explore individual aspects of the performer’s life and work.

Regular tutorials given by Sarah Kane with each individual Foundations participant aim to anchor what has been introduced during the full-time weeks in this first year. The tutorials are to be organised individually by participants between the training modules at a time or times of their choosing. The aim of the tutorials is to provide continuity and regularity in the work and individual practice, so that participants can develop good working habits and therefore continue to both broaden and deepen their understanding, skills and artistry between the individual modules.

Gregers Brinch, musician, composer and singer, will be contributing with sound & listening explorations and Sigune Brinch, eurythmist, will be contributing movement sessions to the training in this first year.

At the end of the first year, Performing Arts International plans to offer participants the opportunity to continue into the second year of the part-time training.

Details of each of the full-time weeks are available by clicking the dates below:

MAY 14 - 18 2018

AUGUST 12 – 18 2018

OCTOBER 21 – 25 2018

JANUARY 02 – 06 2019

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